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Who's Your Favorite Redskins Player Of The 2000's?

Today Chris Cooley was placed on the injured reserve list by the Washington Redskins ending his season and depending upon who you talk to, effectively ending his career with the Redskins. That's certainly debatable and I for one think there's a lot of gas left in that tank. Also debated and a major topic on Twitter was Cooley's legacy in the burgundy and gold. Dan Hellie from WRC Channel 4 News stated that Cooley is the Redskins most popular player since the retirement of Darrell Green...I agree. There's no doubt that for the better part of a decade FedEx Field has seen more #47 jerseys than any other during that era.

So, let's put this to a vote. I want to know who your favorite player of the last decade is. Not who you think is the best or the most talented player, or the most athletic player...who's your favorite?