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Which Fantasy Quarterback Stands To Have the Best Day On Sunday: John Beck or Cam Newton

This is the "Sleeper" fantasy post of the week. One could argue that Cam Newton has fallen out of sleeper status thanks to his huge fantasy stats already this season. Against the Redskins defense (or defence, as UKRedskin would say), you could say Cam might be more of a sleeper--especially given his fall back to earth in recent weeks.

John Beck is your prototypical sleeper. Not only has he not played this season...he has next to zero experience in his career. I can honestly say I am as excited to watch this game from that perspective alone as I am about any other facet of this affair.

Since we are attacking this from a Fantasy perspective, I am most worried about Cam Newton's rushing yards. If I was the offensive coordinator in Carolina and my offensive line looked like the one they are trotting out this week, I would be telling Cam to tuck and run at the first sign of trouble. (If he does, we could be in trouble.)

Logic might dictate that our offense relies on the run and John Beck gets comfy with Fred Davis early and often. But knowing Mike and Kyle Shanahan and how they prefer to do things sometimes that make you want to put your head through a wall, who among us would be shocked to see Beck take way too many deep shots?

Knowing John Beck and the confidence John Beck has in John Beck, I'd be shocked if John Beck wasn't John Beck's starting fantasy quarterback this week.