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Rams Stumble on Rough Torain

Torain showed his old form running for 135 yards on 19 carries (7.1 average). This game should never have been close looking at the stat line.

  • Time of possession: Redskins 35:10 to Rams 24:50
  • Redskins 196 yards rushing to Rams 45
  • Redskins 9/18 in 3rd down conversions, 1-1 red zone
  • Bradford sacked 7 times
Of course things fall apart with 2 turnovers and 10 penalties for 96 yards. That one Grossman interception was the EXACT same interception as last week to the Cowboys where the MLB dropped back in coverage and Grossman never saw him. Very frustrating.

The good news is both the Eagles and Cowboys lost. That's right, the Redskins are two games up on the Dream Team.