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"Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..." Why the Skins will Beat the Panthers

Cam Newton should leave his dancing shoes at home this week.
Cam Newton should leave his dancing shoes at home this week.

Anyone else tired of talking about the quarterback "controversy"?

In the words of Coastal Carolina (who Liberty stomped last week 63-27) coach Dave Bennett (great video HERE) ""Be a dog . . . We need more dogs.". This week the Redskins will south to take on the 1-5 Panthers lead by rookie sensation (s)Cam Newton. Contrary to popular belief this game will not be won or lost by John Beck or Rex Grossman, rather it will be a tale of two trenches. It's clear that the Redskins key to success needs to be running the ball and playing smashmouth football, and that is exactly what we are going to do this week in Charlotte.

The Redskins will have a make-shift offensive line this week, likely featuring second year man Erik Cook at center. But the thing is... I'm not to worried about. The Panthers front seven doesn't scare me, especially the interior which features two rookies that have accounted for a grand total of ZERO sacks. I think it'll be a nice ease-in point for Cook and Monty. Crazy thing is the Panthers only have three players that have recorded a sack this year and more of half of those sacks came from Charles Johnson. The linebackers are not much to worry about either, Jon Beason is out for the year and they have pretty average talent there.

On our defensive side of the ball "Big" Barry Cofield is going to meet his toughest test of the year in Ryan Kalil, who may be the best center in football. Another big time matchup will be Jordan Gross versus Stephen Bowen and Brian Orakpo. Orakpo was able to get a lot of penetration on Sunday, but couldn't capitalize because of Vick's Madden-like athleticism. Cam Newton is athletic, but I think Kerackpo will be able to lay the lumber this Sunday. Laron Landry should also have a great chance to disrupt some things in the backfield.   I really think Cam Newton will see some things on Sunday that he's never seen before, like the Casino Blitz. He seems fearless, but sometimes being fearless can translate into being stupid, and well I think ole' Cam might just make a few mistakes.