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Week 7 Redskins Power Rankings

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Com 15 10
Is the Rex Grossman era over in Washington? We will know Wednesday, when Mike Shanahan announces who will be his starting QB.
Fox-sports_medium 19 10
It is amazing how just one week in the NFL can completely change the fate of a season. The Redskins came into this week controlling the NFC East, but now are a game back and in the middle of a quarterback controversy. I still like this defense, and it should keep them in games late in the season, no matter who plays quarterback.
Sb-nation-news-1_medium 14 9 The Redskins face an uphill battle so they have to win on the road against Carolina this week.
Ovi_cbsports_icon_256x256_comp_v1-46x46_medium 14 8 Their quarterback issues showed up again. And they will some more. Until you fix it, they will show up.
Logo-cnnsi_medium 15 10 Thanks to Rex Grossman's spectacular crash and burn, John Beck doesn't have the bar of expectation set too highly as he prepares to take over at quarterback for the Redskins this week at Carolina. We know Beck is rested, given that he hasn't started a regular-season game in the NFL since Week 14 of 2007. I actually think Beck is ready for this opportunity, and he's going to play pretty well. The real question might wind up being why Mike Shanahan let Grossman start in the first place this season?
Yahoo_meta_logo_large_medium 21 12
Down the Redskins fall, as the lack of a true quarterback is catching up with Washington. Part of me actually wonders if Donovan McNabb(notes) would be a better option than either of the team's current quarterbacks.
Fspeaklogo-r_small_medium 18
14 The Redskins went into Sunday’s game atop the NFC East with the chance to all but knockout their hated rivals, the Eagles, from the playoff race (while putting themselves in a strong 4-1 position). Instead they not only lost, but they were beaten in all facets of the game. Two injuries wrecked their offensive line, and turned their running game into one of the leagues worst (according to YPC). A quarterback ‘controversy’ sprung up, and their defense showed zero ability to stop the run. What makes it all worse, is that game was at home after a bye week. Now the Redskins need to settle on a QB, patch together an offensive line, and figure out some way to generate a ground game, if they want to stay relevant in the NFC this year. This weeks game against Carolina becomes a ‘must win’, as Washington can’t afford to lose games like this.
Beckalicious... Here kitty, kitty, kitty 19 10 Mike Shanahan hates your fantasy team. In other news, indecision about who the go-to guy on offense was overshadowed by Rex Grossman's worst performance of the season: 9 of 22 for 143 yards and four picks. The ground game helped immensely. Except not at all.
National Football Post 19
After Sunday, John Beck has to be the new No.1 in Washington, right?

Hogs Haven Power Rankings after the jump...

1. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers continued his assault, this time on the hapless Rams.
2. Baltimore Ravens: Ravens manhandled the Texans, game was never really in question
3. New England Patriots:
Rare visit to Foxboro by the Cowboys, Pats simply took care of business with a little help from Tony Romo
4. Oakland Raiders:
Another win for the Silver and Black, they should get a lay up this week with Kansas City. Should ease in new toy, Carson Palmer
5. San Diego Chargers: Fresh off a bye week the Chargers head to New Jersey to take on gangrene
6. New Orleans Saints: Tough loss for the Saints in Tampa, but they are still the team to beat in the NFC South
7. San Francisco 49ers: Big road win against the Lions, game was overshadowed by Harbaugh's antics though.
8. Detroit Lions: Tough loss on a short week for the Lions. They look to rebound against the Falcons.
9. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers struggled against the Jags.
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Big rebound win for the Bucs beating division rival New Orleans
11. New York Giants
12. Cincinnati Bengals
13. Buffalo Bills
14. Chicago Bears
15. Washington Redskins
16. Houston Texans
17. Tennessee Titans
18. Atlanta Falcons
19. New York Jets
20. Dallas Cowboys
21. Philadelphia Eagles
22. Cleveland Browns
23. Carolina Panthers
24. Seattle Seahawks
25. Kansas City Chiefs
26. Arizona Cardinals

27. Jacksonville Jaguars
28. Denver Broncos
29. Minnesota Vikings
30. Miami Dolphins
31. Indianapolis Colts
32. St. Louis Rams