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Daily Slop: The Kool-Aid Well Is Dry Today

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Wilbon: Redskins should start Rex Grossman - DC Sports Bog
"And it’s like, shut up. Rex Grossman is what he is. Rex Grossman’s gonna have two or three more great games this season, if Mike Shanahan lets him play. And he’s gonna have two or three more games like he had yesterday, because we have SEVEN YEARS worth of sample size to check on Rex Grossman. We knew this was coming. It’s not a surprise. So the question now is what do you do? Do you put John Beck in? My answer is no. You go back to Rex Grossman, who’s likely to throw for 350 yards next week."

Re-Focused: Eagles @ Redskins, Week 6 |
The Redskins missed eight tackles on defense with five of those coming in the defensive backfield and three from O.J. Atogwe (-2.2) on his own. Erik Cook and Sean Locklear also graded very poorly. Grossman was 1/6 for 45 yard and three interceptions on passes over 20 yards.

Mustaches a bad omen for Redskins - DC Sports Bog
Two Redskins offensive players grew impressive mustaches last week. Both got hurt against the Eagles. No more mustaches, guys.

Cowboys' Felix Jones could miss 2-4 weeks - ESPN Dallas
This means the Eagles get the a BYE...with no Felix Jones.

The Redskins Blog | Vick Apologizes To Redskins Cheerleaders
Is it just me? Watching the video I still don't see what Vick did. He still has the ball in his hands at all times.

Mike Shanahan says he still believes in both QBs - The Insider 
"I have not made up my mind right now. I have talked to our coaches, but just to get their opinions...You go through game situations, go through all the games, you look at who’s going to be active, who gives you the best chance to win. We’ll constantly do that, and that will never change."

The Redskins Blog | No Panic At Redskins Park

The Redskins Blog | Where To Catch The Fletch’
London Fletcher will be available today at the AT&T Store at Tyson’s Corner Center Mall from 6-7 p.m.

Fletcher expects Redskins’ D to rebound from disappointing outing - The Insider
"That was the past," Fletcher said. "Different football team, different players, different coaching staff, different locker room character."

Washington Redskins Chris Cooley and the Sports Junkies Talk About the Game
Video of Cooley and the Junkies broadcasting live from

Offensive line questions add to Redskins’ uncertainty - The Insider
"It’s big," Shanahan said of the loss. "Kory was playing at a very high level."

Rex Grossman Is A Turnover Machine | Fatpickled
Grossman has turned the ball over 2 or more times in 23 of his 47 career games. 50% of the time this guy steps on the field he’s going to give the ball to the other team 2 or more times.

Cooley Shows Off His Finger On Fox5 | Fatpickled
Chris Cooleyshowed Fox5 news more than just his broken finger this morning during a live interview from his home. Unbeknownst to the Fox5 cameras it appears

Redskins notes: Decision time | John Keim | NFL | Washington Examiner
TV replay does not have Kory's injury and Shanahan said the coaches tape didn’t show it either.

Redskins: What we learned vs. the Eagles | John Keim
The Redskins lack receivers who can make plays that make quarterbacks look good. Or anyone who scares a defense. So when teams rush four and cover with seven in the red zone, it becomes a problem.

Quick-Hitters: Mike Shanahan’s Press Conference " CBS Washington
On if Kareem Moore needs to be activated from the P.U.P list this week? "No. We have to activate him between the sixth week and the ninth week of the season. Then he has two weeks of practice before we have to activate him." - GROSSMAN'S TEAMMATES SUPPORT HIM
"We're behind him," said receiver Jabar Gaffney, who was also a collegiate teammate of Grossman's at Florida. "We know what he can do. That was one game. We've got to get back to work. Nobody played perfect out there, so we can all get back to work and get better."