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Carlos Rogers Should Have Kissed Snyder's Butt More

Amazingly, this picture of Carlos with the ball is not photoshopped.
Amazingly, this picture of Carlos with the ball is not photoshopped.

There's not much to this since we're doing well in our second year with Dan Snyder Jim Zorn no longer running our team and Carlos is doing well in San Fran. I'm sure people will take this badly, but I don't really see it that way. Rogers was a good player having to play in the shadow of Hall. Either way, it's always interesting to hear players talk candidly on their old team. Via ESPN:

"I had coach (Joe) Gibbs, he basically ran our team. I had coach Gregg Williams as a defensive coordinator that everyone would die to play for. After that, it was coach (Jim) Zorn, and he didn't really run our team. Guys were able to run over him and get things they wanted by just going to the ownership. After that, coach (Mike) Shanahan is a good coach, but my mindset by the time he came in, I was just ready to leave."

On what bothered him about the Redskins:

"We only re-signed Chris Samuels and Chris Cooley, which they deserve it, but everybody else was new guys they had brought in. It wasn't guys who were drafted that we re-signed. I'm thinking once it comes to my turn, I'm not going to be here anyway. My whole mindset was like, 'Just get out of Washington, get a fresh start.' I'm always compared to what Shawn Springs do, what Fred Smoot do, what DeAngelo Hall do. I just couldn't be Carlos. ... As a player, you get tired of that. You want something fresh. With this team, they just let me be me. They just let me play. I think right now I'm just playing at a level I know I can play at. I think back and it's just like college. I'm back to my Auburn days, having fun."