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Jason Witten Responds To Cooley's Choke Comments As Dryly as You'd Expect

Can there possibly be a better picture for a post like this?
Can there possibly be a better picture for a post like this?

For the people living under a rock, Cooley jokingly said last week he enjoyed watching Romo choke. Naturally, everyone made a big deal about it. It's funny, the media makes fun of guys like McNabb that never give a good quote, then they publicly blast players for having a personality. Jason Witten was on Dallas radio and answered the host's question on Chris' comments:

What do you think of Chris Cooley bagging on Tony Romo?

Witten: "My granddad taught me when I was younger if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all. I probably shouldn't say anything. I don't get that one. I really don't. Chris has been a good player for a long time. To get to that point I don't see why that came up. Hey look you can't worry about. Trust me. I know Tony doesn't. That doesn't affect him at all. It's disappointing to see in some ways, but hey look it is part of the game and Chris has been a great player in this league for a long time. It's disappointing to see him say that. That's part of it."

Do you know Chris Cooley at all?

"Yea we've hung out a few times and been to the Pro Bowl a couple of times together. He's a nice guy and has a funny personality. Good guy. He's been good for a long time, but that's how it goes. It's part of playing this game. You know that and you don't allow it to affect you one way or another."

Witten is a well-known bible thumper. There's no knock on that. It's common in Texas and I'm sure he's stand up a guy. Obviously, Witten didn't hear the context of the radio show. So...again, media doing their thing for ratings and something to talk about it.