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Week 6 Redskins Power Rankings

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Com 10 12
OK, Rex Grossman. We're watching you. The division is yours for the taking. What have you got?
Fox-sports_medium 10 10
Coming off a bye week, the Redskins have a chance to put a stake in the heart of the Eagles and keep themselves atop the NFC East. The Eagles will test the newfound strength of the Redskins defense, but the 'Skins likely will find success in the running game against a struggling Philly defense.
Sb-nation-news-1_medium 9 11 This is a pretty quiet 3-1 team but they'll get some attention this week as they face the 1-4 Eagles and try to deliver a possible knockout punch to Philly.
Ovi_cbsports_icon_256x256_comp_v1-46x46_medium 8 8 They come off the bye looking down at the rest of the NFC East. Who would have imagined that?
Logo-cnnsi_medium 10 10 There's going to be a fight among Redskins rushers to see who gets the lead role this week against the porous Philadelphia run defense. If I'm the Shanahans, I run Tim Hightower, Ryan Torain and Roy Helu all at the Eagles, all game long. I wouldn't make Rex Grossman win this game unless it becomes absolutely necessary. If Washington has to throw more than 20 times on Sunday, something went wrong with the game plan.
Yahoo_meta_logo_large_medium 12 13
More and more, I'm actually starting to believe the Redskins really are the best team in the NFC East. A win in Philadelphia this upcoming Sunday would prove that thought to be one which is accurate.
Fspeaklogo-r_small_medium 14
NA The Redskins are off to an impressive 3-1 start, but two of those wins came against the Cardinals and Rams who are a combined 1-8 and just not that good. What’s even worse is that they aren’t blowing away weaker opponents like that, as both the Cards and Rams had a chance to drive down and take the lead in the last two minutes. Their win over the Giants was impressive, but since then their passing attack has steadily declined. The rushing attack seems to work against weak opponents, but gets stifled against tougher defenses, meaning it isn’t something the Redskins can rely on right now. The defense though, has been great and has the ability to just shut down opponents (allowing zero TD’s on the road against Dallas).
You take your road wins and run home in the NFL. Now an off week for Shanny to prepare for the Eagles. Power Poll 10 11 FYI: This poll is comprised of numerous analyst and writers around the NFL
National Football Post 11
Could the ‘Skins really knock the Eagles out of the picture this Sunday with a win?

Hogs Haven Power Rankings after the jump...

1. Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers is just ridiculous, the Pack went into the Georgia dome, again, and pulled out a big win.
2. Baltimore Ravens: Ravens were on a bye last week and now get ready to host the Texans.
3. New England Patriots: Pats dismantled their dreaded rivals at home and had an impressive game from the "Law Firm"
4. New Orleans Saints: Saints had to work for their victory at Carolina, but they got the road win
5. Detroit Lions: Lions had their first MNF game in like 100 years and showed they were for real against the Bears
6. San Diego Chargers: Chargers weathered the Tebow storm in Denver and came back with a key divisional win.
7. Buffalo Bills: The Bills just keep on winning, this time against the Eagles.
8. Oakland Raiders: Raiders had an emotional win in Houston after the passing of their owner, Al Davis.
9. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers got their act together and absolutely blew out the Titans.
10. Washington Redskins: On a bye, now on to a dreaded divisional rival for a HUGE game.
11. San Francisco 49ers
12. Houston Texans
13. Cincinnati Bengals
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15. Tennessee Titans
16. New York Giants

17. Chicago Bears
18. New York Jets
19. Dallas Cowboys
20. Atlanta Falcons
21. Cleveland Browns
22. Seattle Seahawks
23. Kansas City Chiefs
24. Philadelphia Eagles
25. Carolina Panthers
26. Arizona Cardinals

27. Jacksonville Jaguars
28. Denver Broncos
29. Minnesota Vikings
30. Miami Dolphins
31. Indianapolis Colts
32. St. Louis Rams