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Daily Slop: Tim Hightower "This is a must win game for us"


The Redskins Blog | Haslett Goes X’s and O’s On Orakpo
Great little video of Haslett showing exactly what Orakpo's role is in coverage "we keep it simple."

Redskins believe consistent rushing attack will make a difference - The Insider
"Even on games where we only have 90 yards rushing, we’re a couple plays away from having 150," center Will Montgomery says. "So I feel like we’re capable of producing each week. The learning curve, everybody’s getting it more. … Everybody’s just pedal to the grindstone and wants to do well."

Barry Cofield still learning Redskins’ defense, but senses progress - The Insider - The Washington Post
"NT is actually a position with a lot of technique," Cofield said. "People would find it hard to believe, but it has a lot of technique, to have to see the blocks and the combinations are the most important things. The more I see and the more I practice, the more comfortable I’ll feel. The physical part, those are God’s gifts."

Eagles jumping offside had a radio guy a little agitated - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Eagles radio guy on the call when Parker jumped. "THEY JUST GAVE THE GAME AWAY!!".

Hightower: Eagles no more dangerous than Redskins - The Insider
"They’re 1-4, we’re 3-1. We’re on top in the division and we control that. It’s a must-win game for us and a must-win game for them. I know it’s a different set of scenarios when you look at their record, but it’s a must-win game."

Steve Spurrier Kicks Reporter Out Of Press Conference, Announces Dismissal Of QB Stephen Garcia, Drops The Mic
Just a very awkward video in general.

New York Jets trade Derrick Mason to Houston Texans for conditional pick, sources say - ESPN New York
Supposedly Mason was causing a stink being a backup to a rookie.

Roles Reversed Between Redskins and Eagles | NBC Washington
The Eagles are on life support and it's the Redskins who can exorcise their demons from last season's beatdown on Monday Night Football with a win.

Darrel Young: Fines Are Changing The Game " CBS Washington
"You could see in the next game I had a chance to hit a guy, he ended up making the tackle on (Brandon) Banks so that was just me going back to the film and saying I’m not getting another fine," said Young."The way players are getting fined now, I understand taking safety precautions but at the same time I feel like they’re taking away from the game."

Pitchers Hooked On Beer, Fried Chicken, And Video Games! Francona On Pills! The Boston Globe's Version Of The 2011 Red Sox Collapse
I'm not a Sox fan but this is a pretty monumental meltdown.