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Redskins Game Ball at BYE Week Goes To....

Since we normally give a game ball to players each week, I thought we'd change it up and award this week's ball to a Coach. Here are the nominees:

  • Mike Shanahan - Obviously, what's he done to not only put this team together, but also restore a winning attitude goes a long way. We've all heard the Grossman "We're going to win the NFC East" talk, but now we're seeing it.
  • Jim Haslett - Redskins defense ranks #1 in forced fumbles with 14 and has the 3rd best points allowed at 15.8
  • Bobby Turner - The Redskins RB coach has put together quite a backfield in his second year and surely Turner was behind the drafting of Helu and Torain (in Denver)
  • Chris Foerster - I don't think anyone expected the Redskins OLine to be this good, especially with this cast of backup characters.
Honorable mentions: Danny Smith (STs), Keenan McCardell (WRs), Lou Spanos (LBs)