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4 Reasons the Redskins Don't Match Up Well with Eagles

I don't know how many of you got to watch the Eagles vs Bills game on Sunday, but that certainly does not look like a 1-4 team (OK, that last off-sides call certainly did). Everyone is throwing out tons of stats on Philly, for example, 30th against the run (5.0), 3rd in total offense (445.6 yards), 32nd in turnover differential (-10), but this Eagles team is still very, very good. 

Obviously, defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, is a disaster. There's a report the Eagles are bringing in a consultant to help with that. (Insert bingo caller joke here). As bad as the Sherm Lewis era was, he actually did improve our offense slightly where the Skins finally scored more than 20 points! *sigh* Either way, we can't assume the Eagles are going to keep turning the ball over like they are, which makes this game MUCH closer:

  • I wish I had wrote down the stat, but Vick's QB rating in the pocket this year is abysmal. When he's gotten outside, his QB rating is extremely high. Orakpo and Kerrigan are solid pass rushers, but they do not have the speed to contain Vick. So far, our defense has only faced statue QBs (Eli, Kolb, Romo, and Bradford). Can our D simply keep him in the middle? I still have nightmares of watching Andre Carter try to chase Vick outside the pocket. The Bills used a LB as a spy at times, which had some success. If the Redskins can keep Vick from getting outside, it will be an easy day.
  • DeSean Jackson seems to have gotten quicker from last year. The guy is razor fast and there's no one on our team that can contain him if Vick is extending plays. 
  • The Eagles stink against the run. Does Kyle Shanahan have the patience to implement a boring playbook of running every single play? As one of you said in a previous comment, Grossman is not the type of QB that puts games out of reach when Redskins are milking a slim lead. Stick to the basics. Run the damn ball.
  • The Eagles poor tackling is very well-documented. Asante Samuel and Nnamdi Asomugha are the main culprits there, but a lot of these plays were against physical WRs (Victor Cruz, Steve Johnson). None of the Redskins WRs fight through contact. They generally catch the ball and then go into protect mode.

Speaking of stats,

  • Redskins are the least penalized offense in the NFL with 20 penalties. Our defense ranks 21st though in penalties, so still some work to do there.
  • Redskins defense is #1 in forced fumbles (14)
  • Shanahan is 10-5 all-time of a BYE week (Good not great. Of course last year the Monday Night Massacre was after the BYE week).