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London Fletcher Q&A on Tackling Chuck Norris & Rookie Contracts

This would make for a good photo for a "caption it" contest. (insert lame, fart joke here)
This would make for a good photo for a "caption it" contest. (insert lame, fart joke here)

About a month ago, the Sporting News approached us if they could use our community to help put together a solid list of questions for an interview with London Fletcher they scored. We were happy to help, and four of our questions made it to that article (good job guys and gals). That article will be published later this week, but Sporting News was gracious to pass along Fletcher's answers that didn't make the final article. Here you go:

London, if Chuck Norris was a running back, could you bring him down? (jornek)

FLETCHER: (laughs) I'd be Bruce Lee to Chuck Norris.

I can't remember the last time Fletch got a personal foul penalty. I would have liked some clarification there but ah well. Moving on.

What are the similarities of being a point guard and a NFL middle linebacker? In terms of responsibilities, leadership, play calling, etc... And how has that experience help you flourish as a linebacker and NFL player?
(Parks Smith)

FLETCHER: There's great similarities in being a point guard in basketball and a middle linebacker in football. Being a point guard for all those years has helped me from a leadership standpoint because I'm responsible for calling the plays, getting everybody lined up and making decisions. You have to make them in a short period of time, between the time you get the defensive signal and relaying it to your teammates and getting everybody lined up. Playing basketball all those years was no different. You have to organize the offense, call the plays, orchestrate the offense, get everybody in the right place. Those have great similarities.

Do you feel that the younger players have a committed work ethic today? It seems many younger players and younger people in general have a feeling of entitlement. Are the players you see today working hard on/off season and field? (werroln)

FLETCHER: I think this is a different day in the NFL than it was when I came into the league. The contracts weren't what they are now. There were no huge signing bonuses beyond the first-round picks. The money's a lot different. This generation is a lot different. You had to work for everything you got, there were a lot of old-school coaches in the league when I first came in, and they were under the mentality that you earned everything you got, nothing was going to be given to you. But in some situations, when a guy's drafted extremely high, the owner wants that player playing right now, whether he's ready or not. So I guess in some cases, there can be a sense of entitlement, but the rookies I've come in contact with really haven't been like that. The rookie we have here, Ryan Kerrigan, he's a great, humble young kid who just wants to work. He's like a sponge, he's absorbing everything, and he doesn't feel any sense of entitlement. Everything he's gotten, he's earned. It's a yes and a no answer. There are a lot of rookies who want to work hard and earn everything they've gotten.

You seem pretty humble, but all millionaires have something they go all out on. What do you spare no expense on? (JCox)

FLETCHER: I guess I like nice clothes. If there's one thing my wife would probably like me to not buy as much of, I'd say nice clothes for the season. I'll get a new wardrobe before the season for games, home and away. I guess that's the one thing I love to do. Other than that, I'm pretty humble about purchases. I don't go out and buy a whole lot of other things.

What is it about football that makes you so passionate about the game? (sonnyandsam)

FLETCHER: It's just the opportunity that I get to go out and compete each and every week. I can't get this any other place but on the football field. I couldn't imagine letting my teammate down not giving 110 percent when I'm on the football field. I also look at it from the standpoint that God has blessed me with these talents and I don't want to not use them to the best of my ability. When I'm out on that football field, I only know one way to go when I'm playing the game. Even when I was in the Pro Bowl a couple of times, guys were like, ‘Why are you playing so hard?' I just don't know how to not play hard. It's kinda crazy, but that's how I am.

I'm looking forward to the Sporting News' article. I know my question made it: "Which Redskins past or present would you share a studio apartment with the rest of your life if you had to?" 

Any guesses on who he says? I'm guessing a kicker since they're less likely to snore and destroy the toilet. I'm picking my boy, Suisham.