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At the Break: Redskins Tight Ends

We'll continue our series today on training camp story-lines from August and where they are after Week 5 in the NFL season. One of the most talked about discussion during training camp was over Chris Cooley and whether or not the Redskins should shop him. I wrote an article back in July, in regards to trading Cooley, where I listed some options like the Baltimore Ravens. But where are we with out tight ends now and what path should we take in the future? 

First off, I think as of right now Chris Cooley has nearly no trade value and its really hard for me to see him on this team for any extended period of time past this year. He's been hobbled by injury all offseason and it seems to be lingering into the regular season. Thus far, Cooley has made more headlines with his mouth rather than his play on the field . I hope I'm wrong about the whole situation and Cooley will come out fresh after the break, but it just looks like Cooley is being surpassed by the younger Fred Davis

I will give Cooley credit for adhering to the Shanahan's wishes. He's lost a ton of weight and has done whatever he has been asked, including playing fullback against the Cowboys. But can Cooley still execute at a high level? It seems as if the NFL TE position has changed with the likes of Jermichael Finley, Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, etc., Cooley just simply doesn't fit the new mold, while Fred Davis does. 

What scares me the most is Fred Davis is a free agent after this season. Davis had two monster games to open the year, but has slightly disappeared in the last two games. But if Cooley is still "the guy" in DC then will Davis want to resign here? I'm sure ShanAllen wouldn't make this mistake, but it still lingers in my mind. Ideally, I'd like to see the Skins add another big, athletic tight end via the draft this year. Some one like Ladarius Green (UL-L), Coby Fleener (Stanford), or Michael Egnew (Mizzou).

Despite what the future may hold for our TE situation, I hope Cooley comes out against the Eagles refreshed and we have a two headed TE attack the rest of the way.