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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. I was listening to the Chargers/Broncos game on the radio when Tebow came into the game. By the 3rd quarter of the Packers/Falcons game last night, my inbox was overflowing with people in one of my fantasy leagues sniping each other on the subject of Tim Tebow. That guy remains one of the most polarizing players in pro sports. I am not going to spout off too much about it except to say that Tim Tebow could be the quintessential symbol of the difference between being an avid fan of fantasy of football and being an ardent supporter of the NFL game. He is unlikely to draw many comparisons to Aaron Rodgers in the realm of fantasy football. But if you love the NFL, how can you not love Tim Tebow? He is the story that keeps on giving. He may prove to be incapable of dominating at this level, but he is not so bad that his drama is less compelling because of it.

2. I said it back in August and I am sticking with my guarantee that the Packers go undefeated.

3. One good thing about playing the Eagles when they are down on their luck is that less Philly fans show up for the game. I still think there will be a lot of Eagles supporters at FedEx next week, but they will be at least a little quieter than they would if they had a better record.

4. Fred Jackson is a beast. It was fitting that he and Ryan Fitzpatrick took down the Eagles yesterday. Fred Jackson has never been handed anything. Him and Fitzpatrick have had to fight against the perception that they are nothing more than backup quality in recent years. The Eagles, on the other hand, are a roster full of top-notch talent. So it goes in the NFL.

5. The news of Al Davis' passing caught me a bit by surprise. If you are not an Oakland fan, Al Davis tended to be that character in the movie that you found aggravating yet oddly appealing. It seemed impossible to discern whether he was acting out of principle or spite. In either case, it was always entertaining...except for Oakland fans of course.

6. If Mike McCarthy grew a thick and lustrous moustache, he could be a ringer for Nick Offerman. Ron Swanson is one of the greatest characters on television.