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Redskins 7 Sickest Plays of the Year (in Video)

Well, it's our last post in the Vick's series so I've decided to highlight some of the Redskins best plays of the year (that I could find video for). DHall wins the MVP award appearing in 3 of them. Enjoy.

1.) Brandon Banks only TD of the year (that wasn't negated by a penalty). I really can't imagine how lopsided some of our losses would have been without the field position the Lil Assassin gave our O.

2.) Easily one of the highlights of the year: DHall stripping Tashard Choice right before half to score a TD. What's great about this clip? Al Michaels: "So, it's a Hail Mary or a kneel down..."

3.) Next up is a player who defines what it means to means to be a true Redskin, Lorenzo Alexander. He had a 2nd pop on Jorrick Calvin in their previous matchup, which was equally as devastating.

4.) Ryan Torain steam rolls Quintin Mikell in a TD run at Philly.

5.) DeAngelo Hall's 1-handed INT returned for 92 yards.

6.) Michael Vick gets his ribs popped.

7.) Anthony Armstrong arrives as a big play WR. He gets a B- for the Dougie. John Wall still owns the right to that dance in D.C.