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Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Wrap--The House Always Wins


Another year of Fantasy Football is in the books. At Hogs Haven, we crowned our 2010 champion after Week 16. This year's champion had it all: good looks, an amazing body, off-the-charts intelligence and an uncanny ability to draw out the "ugly" in his opponent every week (especially in the playoffs).

That is to say, your 2010 Hogs Haven Fantasy Football Champion is none other than Ken Meringolo (if the amazing body part didn't already give it away).

After sneaking into the playoffs with nary a chance of sticking around long, I was quickly matched up with the best teams in the league. Then something happened. I kept putting up my pedestrian weekly scores, but the top teams I was facing kept stumbling. One even had his worst score of the season against me in the playoffs (or close to it).

For those even remotely interested, starting Carson Palmer in Week 16 against San Diego was the key roster move that won the trophy. While I would love to call it a great GM decision by me, the truth is that I had no other options it was GENIUS!

As most of you know, we had significant difficulty getting this league up and running this year due to the late timing of the partnership we put in place with CBS Sports. We anticipate smoother sailing next season and would like to increase the amount of Fantasy Football leagues we keep tabs on next year. I really wanted to do it this year, but know...Haynesworth, McNabb, Shanahan.

In 2011, I would like to do an Out-of-Town league where Hogs Haven readers from all over the globe draft online, and a local, DC-area league where do a draft at a bar. I think we have more than enough folks who expressed interest last season to fill those two leagues.

For the Local League, we look forward to the Liger era, as he is slated to become the commissioner next season. He did not go to Bishop McNamara, but the thought is that his Good Counsel education should be enough to manage a fantasy football league. Kevin and I will manage a team together in 2011, opening a slot for one of our regular readers. 


P.S. If there is a reader out there who is interested in doing a regular fantasy piece during the offseason, that person would get first dibs on the opening in the local league. Ideally, we are talking about a weekly spotlight on a Redskins player and their potential fantasy impact. Interested parties should contact us at is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.