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NFL 2010 Playoffs Bracket Contest

OK, let's try this again. Here's the bracket and schedule for the 2010 NFL playoffs.Winner will get this awesome (still in style) t-shirt or $10...whatever we can scrounge together. Tie-breaker will be closest to the final score (total points) of the Super Bowl without going over.


It's pretty simple. Let's take the NFC. The lowest seed you have advancing in the 2 Wildcard games will play the Falcons. So, if I like the Seahwaks (4) and Packers (6) to advance...then the Packers play the Falcons and Seahawks the Bears. Pick the 2 winners of that game and they play each other to go to the Super Bowl, mmmkaay? Just follow (copy/paste) another person's entry and update your picks accordingly.

I went with the strategy where I picked each team with the better season turnover ratio to win each matchup. We'll see if that works out. (only 1 entry per person).