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Jim Harbaugh could get $8 million per season; Dolphins Handling this Poorly for 3 Reasons

Update: Jim Harbaugh has chosen the Niners.

So word on the street is that Miami is ready to offer Harbaugh $8 million per season. Via, here's the current list of the highest paid coaches in all sports:

  1. Phil Jackson - $10.3 million - 10 titles
  2. Bill Belichick ($7.5 million) - 3 Titles
  3. Mike Shanahan ($7 million) - 2 titles
  4. Pete Carroll ($7 million) - 0 titles (2 BCS)
  5. Mike D'Antoni ($6 million) - 0 tiles
  6. Don Nelson ($6 million) - 0 titles
  7. Greg Popovich ($6 million) - 4 titles
  8. Jeff Fisher ($5.75 million) - 0 titles
  9. Doc Rivers ($5.5 million) - 1 title

So, Harbaugh deserves to make more than Belichick?!  There are SO many fails with what the Dolphins are doing right now as an organization it is pathetic. First, they still have Tony Sparano under contract. How dysfunctional is that to offer another coach a job before firing your current one? What if Harbaugh passes? "Hey, Tony...don't listen to those's a cool pair of Ray Bans for you." Second, Harbaugh could not accept this job even if he wanted to because the Fins have yet to interview an African-American coach as mandated by the Rooney Rule. FAIL. Third, doesn't this job offer seem like a desperation move similar to the Redskins of old? "We have all these free agents in their prime, go get the best coach...I don't care what the cost!! (Brandon Marshall, Karlos Dansby, and to make matters worse, Ricky Williams wants's a mess). 

Good luck with that. Helllllo Dysfunction!!