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Fred Davis Accused of Assaulting Woman in Club; Video Confirms His Side of the Story

"I'm not a playa I just <strike>f*ck</strike> crush a lot"
"I'm not a playa I just f*ck crush a lot"

Update 2: Expect nothing to come out of this. Dan Hellie, who has been on top of this story, said he saw the incident report and video confirmed Fred Davis' side of the story. A girl threw a drink at him when he tried to calm her down, so he threw one back.   

Update via Dan Hellie of NBC4: "Just talked to Fred Davis as well. He said he was never arrested but did throw an Orange Juice on a girl after she threw a drink on him...Fred Davis also told me that there is tape from the club and he said he never touched the women. No big deal he said. "

DC athletes seem to love drama in the clubs these days. This via tmz:

The woman told police she was hanging out at Josephine nightclub -- when Davis approached her in an "aggressive" manner and grabbed her ... so she threw a drink on him. 

A short time later, she claims, Davis retaliated by throwing a drink back on her -- and then striking her in the lip with an object. Sources at the club tell us the woman claimed she was hit with a champagne bottle.

I have been to Josephine's a few times before, and tt's a very, very dark club. Supposedly there's video of the altercation so we'll see what the authorities make of that. Never a dull moment with the Redskins! Stay tuned.

ps - Where are all the "Trade Cooley now!!" fans?