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Snide Debate: Are There Any Keepers on Redskins OL Besides Trent?

Rick Snider has covered the Redskins since 1983. He's a columnist with the Washington Examiner. Read more at

If you could keep one starting OLineman besides Trent to start next year who would it be and why?

Rick: I'd keep Will Montgomery at Right Guard. He seemed to take to the position under Mike Shanahan's scheme and could be a surprisingly decent player there. Center Casey Rabach is getting old and comes off a mediocre season. Same goes for right tackle Jammal Brown. Stephon Heyer is a versatile backup. That leaves Kory Lichtensteiger, who I remain unsure on whether he's any good.

Kevin: I'm going with Kory Lichtensteiger. He struggled early in the year but he looked good against a young, strong Giants D. He was consistently at the second level on screens and rushing plays, and he of course can play Center.

It really sounds like we're stuck with Rabach for another year. Will Montgomery is probably 2nd on my list, but I remember one play where this is exactly what happened to him after the snap.

Jammal Brown. I mean. Little chance he stays, right? Even if we offer him a low contract, I'd think he want to try his luck on a team where he can go back to Left Tackle. The old regime would have locked Jammal Brown up to validate the lost draft pick. At least with Shanahan, he'll cut ties and move on if it's best.

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Rick: Kory was OK, but I don't think he's anything special. Just fits Shanahan's blocking system better than Derrick Dockery did. Wouldn't surprise me if Lichtensteiger starts again next year, but he's a stopgap until they can upgrade.

"but he's a stopgap until they can upgrade"

That probably applies to 47+ guys on the roster.

Rick: Well, I wouldn't go 47 deep. But many teams can say that about 30-plus players. The Redskins have three untradables - Landry, Orakpo and Trent Williams. The other positions can always be upgraded.

What do you all think? From everything I've heard Rabach will be our Center next year. He signed a 3-year contract in March of 2010 for $12.3 million (at the same time Redskins cut 10 players) and is due $3 million next season.