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Daily Slop - Mike Sellers on Zorn era: "You had players cussing out the head coach" - A new tone--if not new results - page 2 FLS
"The past few years, you had players cussing out the head coach, players doing whatever they wanted to do," Sellers said. "Now that doesn't happen anymore. There's no more prima donnas on the team. We're all just individuals trying to get one goal, and that's to win. It's a nice feeling to have."

HomerMcFanboy " 10 stats from redskins 2010 season
"When attempting passes outside of the numbers, Grossman went 20 of 44 for 230 yards with one touchdown and four interceptions. That’s good enough to earn him a 31.4 quarterback rating."

Haynesworth visits trainers, not coaches
His four-game suspension complete, Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth reported to team headquarters today for a physical on Monday. Shanahan and #92 avoided each other like 2 high school girls (seriously).

Redskins Sign Practice Squad Guys To Reserve/Futures Contracts
Selvish Capers one of the bunch.

Redskins Insider - Justin Tryon says playing for Colts is 'night and day' difference from Redskins
"The guys here are more, I'm not going to say -- the guys here are, it's work. It's work and less play. It's less play, it's less moseying around. It's standard here to go to the playoffs, it's standard here to be your own team. There, it was more of a fashion show. Here... it's hey, let's go to work today."

Redskins playing time vs. Giants
Very disappointing Perry Riley only saw action on 1 play.

Santana Moss Named Quarterback Club Redskins Player Of The Year
Award chosen by the Redskins media.

It’s Confirmed: Big Ben engaged to Laurel grad Ashley Harlan " Current " New Castle News
The Harlan family must be so proud. She is pretty cute.

8 plays that made you money | National Football Post
8 greatest covers of the year for the gamblers out there.