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Recap of Redskins 2010 Season in Picture Form

For those that follow @HogsHaven on twitter, you're already aware that I change my picture each week based on a key moment of the game (usually comical). Well, here they all are for 2010 (click each picture to enlarge):

9/12 VS Cowboys W 13 - 7 Week1_medium
Alex Barron's holding penalty on the final play of the game negates a Romo passing touchdown. Game over.
9/19 VS Texans L 27 - 30

Clinton Portis absolutely blows up Eugune Wilson on a downfield block. Andre Johnson's end-zone leap TD over Reed Doughty sent the game to OT and Redskins lose.

9/26 Rams L 16 - 30

Portis' reaction after getting benched for falling down untouched on a long run. That of course led to our Portis Photoshop contest.

10/3 Eagles W 17 - 12 Week4_medium
McNabb wins his 1st game back in Philly with a 60.2 QB rating and help from the Redskins secondary who sandwiched Michael Vick's rib cage.

VS Packers W 16 - 13 Week5_medium
Aaron Rodgers got battered this game as the Redskins concussed him on the final play of the game and knocked out Jeremiah Finley early in the first half.
10/17 VS Colts L 24 - 27 Week6_medium
How? How did Carlos Rogers drop this ball?? (it's worth clicking this one for a zoom)
10/24 Bears W@ 17@ -@ 14 Week7_medium Week7-2_medium
What a week for Redskins fans. DHall's jersey goes to the Hall of Fame for his 4 INT performance and Romo's season gets ended on prime-time TV.
10/31 Lions L 25 - 37 Week8_mediumRex-lions_medium
Benchgate occurs while we watch Rex Grossman get sack/fumble/TD'd in the final 2 min of the game. "Cardiovascular endurance" enters Redskins history. Brandon Banks scores his first TD.
11/15 VS Eagles L 28 - 59 Week10-2_medium Week10_medium
The Monday Night Massacre where the Eagles were up 28-0 at the end of the 1st quarter. Vick got 100+ pts in every fantasy league & Haynesworth's career in DC was summed up in 1 animated gif.
11/21 Titans W 19 - 16 Week11_medium Week11-2_medium
On the week of the 3-year anny of Sean Taylor's death, the Redskins knock out VYoung and a hapless Titans team.
11/28 VS Vikings L 13 - 17 Week12__2__medium
Perry Riley's block in the back negates a Brandon Banks TD. Banks was the only spark this day, well, except for Brett Favre who scrambled 10 yards for the game clenching first down.
12/5 Giants L 7 - 31 Week13__2__medium
Giants steamroll the Redskins. Brandon Jacobs ran for 103 yards on 8 carries. A. Bradshaw had 97 yards.
12/12 VS Bucs L 16 - 17 Week14_medium Week14-2_medium
Oh Gano. I mean oh, Hunter Smith. Redskins lose on XP to send the game to OT. Bucs' game winning score came with the help from this hold on Rak. McNabb gets benched for good despite game-tying drive.
12/19 @ Cowboys L 30 - 33 Week15_medium
The matchup everyone anticipated. Rex Grossman vs Jon Kitna. *sigh.* Grossman has a big day negated by Santana Moss' late 4Q drop, which for sure would have been a game-winning TD.
12/26 Jaguars W 20 - 17 Week16_medium
Holy f'n sh*t. Carlos caught one. Redskins shock the Jags dampening their playoff chances.
1/2 VS Giants L 14 - 17 Week17_medium
The facial reaction of most Redskins fans watching Rex throw moonball passes all over the field and DHall getting burned for the longest TD against in almost 20 years. SEASON OVER. 6-10. 3rd straight year last place in the NFC East.