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Daily Slop: Carriker & Daniels Argue Who is Stronger; Brandon Jacobs Curses His Way out of NY

Grossman: I have another level I can reach | Washington Examiner
"I feel like I’m coming into the prime of my career, mentally and physically as a quarterback," Grossman said. (Hmm...uh, the fumbles?)

HomerMcFanboy: "who is the strongest Redskin?"
Great read on Carriker and P. Daniels' friendly feud. If you need some DL this. Carriker talks about his improvement the last few weeks, which was evident on film.

Mike Shanahan Offers Some Answers In His Season Ending Presser
He wishes he handled the McNabb benching differently. Apology accepted.

Redskins Insider - Mike Shanahan is bringing back his entire staff
Hello dysfunction continuity!!!


Redskins Workout Ex-Giants WR Sinorice Moss
The Washington Redskins are one of 20 teams not to make it to the playoffs, so they begun evaluating players for next season. The team worked out two.


Redskins Insider - Five Redskins need surgery
Cooley, Landry, Moore, Golston, and link for details (all relatively minor).

D.C. Sports Bog - Redskins Radio, week 17 highlights
Funny read by Stein. It's gotten to the point where I can't listen to Sonny & Sam anymore. They add nothing at this point. As I drove back from PIT I followed the game on Twitter, GameCast, and the HH game thread.

Giants back Coughlin with deal | | The Journal News
"He is a great, great guy and a tremendous leader," Tisch said. "The players play for him and respect him. You can't let a guy like that get too far away."

D.C. Sports Bog - Redskins-Giants, best and worst
The Redskins finished 2-6 at home. That's their worst home record since going winless at home in 1994.
Wade Phillips interested in coaching Houston Texans' defense - ESPN
Ricky Williams of Miami Dolphins says he's ready to leave, rips Tony Sparano - ESPN Blogs: Blog Archive Giants RB Jacobs offers up colorful goodbye on last day
"You’re all getting pictures of Brandon Jacobs leaving, wondering if he’ll ever return …," Jacobs said. "…That’ll be your caption tomorrow. #@&$ you all." (Ahmad Bradshaw is a free agent this off-season leaving a lot of question marks for 2011).

(Kind of funny...but drama queen).