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The Egypt Conflict & the Redskins' Burgundy Revolution Have a Lot of Similarities

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Unless you live in a bubble, it's been world-wide news for over a week that Egypt has lost control of their country. After decades of despair, the people have risen up and demanded change. Sound familiar? It was just 13 months ago that the Washington Redskins reached one of the worst moments of their storied franchise with drama surrounding the: banning of signsTicket debacle, and the Swinging Gate.

My intention with this post is not to belittle the crisis in the Middle East, but really just to point out the comical comparisons:

Egypt Conflict & 2009 Redskins Comparisons
  • Decades of mismanagement and futility despite large profits to the leader.
  • Among heavy criticism, the entire top staff is fired and replaced.
  • Horrible traffic:

  • Inflated prices for common costs despite bad times
  • Very public protests
EGYPT-PROTEST/ Skinsgiants09b7_medium
  • Long-time citizens have fled to different countries/teams.


Any others I miss?

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