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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. I wish "Troy and Abed in the Morning" was a real show.

2. I really enjoyed the Pro Bowl...not because of the game or any particular play or player. I enjoyed it because I had to explain to St. Megan (the wife) that, "No, our defense was not really good this year. In fact, we were historically bad." Pretty funny that if you only saw the Pro Bowl, you might think the Redskins were a dominant defense.'s not funny.

3. I play in an online Madden franchise league. I drafted Malcolm Kelly rather late when my team was first formed. It is fitting that in two seasons he has zero catches on zero attempts and has not contributed at all on special teams. I have no reason to keep him at all...yet I can't bring myself to cut him because he is rated just marginally enough to warrant a roster spot. Sound familiar? So what is that exactly? Art imitating life or is it life imitating art imitating life?

4. For the last two or three seasons I have openly suggested we try and trade certain players to get younger and build more of a base for our future (as have many people). In order to get anything of value back we would have to trade players that actually have value to us today. Last season, I wondered what London Fletcher could get us in a trade. I wonder that same thing again today. I get that without him we would be exponentially weaker on the defensive side of the ball, but given how bad we were last season, let's be honest: there is not that much farther to fall. Is there a team that would give us a halfway decent draft pick for a guy like London? If so, should we do it?

5. I predict that Super Bowl XLV will be the most exciting Super Bowl of the last 10 years. It will better than the Giants/Pats and Steelers/Cards games that came down to the end. It will be better than the Rams/Titans game that was one yard away from OT. I think these two teams will play a very fun game to watch and I think this game will reach overtime, where we will see the new OT rules go into effect for the first time.

6. Of the two All-Star games played yesterday by the NHL and NFL, my favorite play was a 21-yard run by Steven Jackson in the 2nd quarter of the NFC's huge win. Already up 35-0, the NFC handed the ball off to Jackson--who looks like a monster even among his Pro Bowl peers--and he got a running start on the AFC's defense. I know it is just the Pro Bowl and nobody is looking to get hurt, but the lack of desire to try and tackle him combined with the brute force Steven showed to anyone showing any kind of of effort at all was great. He blew up Eric Berry who may have tried a bit harder in the regular season, but I still don't think he could bring down a bulldozing Steven Jackson in any scenario.