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Scout Draft Profile - OL, Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin

Note: Open Thread for Senior Bowl game will be live at 2PM.

Height: 6'7"
Weight: 327 lbs
Arm Length: 35.5 
40 time: ~5.12
Games: 48
Projected Round: 1 (Late)

From all the Senior Bowl tweets and reports I've filtered though this week, Gabe Carimi is a name I've come across regularly - in a good way. The Badger played all four years at Left Tackle, but has been seeing a lot of time at Right Tackle this week and even some at Guard. Scouts are predicting that because of his questionable footwork, he'll certainly be a Right Tackle, which Carimi himself even confirmed in one interviewGuard (no chance he plays Guard) . I'll let the news clips speak for themselves:

Carimi said he learned three different types of zone blocking at Wisconsin and feels comfortable in a zone scheme. He's also a pretty smart player and is only four credits shy of a degree in civil engineering.[Redskins Insider]

Very strong kick-step technique in pass protection, and he consistently leads the pass-rushing end out of the backfield. Good form there keeps him from allowing sacks at the end of that half-circle. Good at adjusting to inside moves...It's not likely that Carimi will be a dominant inline blocker, but with the right kind of coaching, he has the potential to be one of the best of the new wave of taller tackles with speed and agility in place of pure power. [Doug Farrar - Yahoo!]   

The defensive tackle bull-rushed at Gabe Carimi, but the Wisconsin offensive lineman wrestled him to the ground. The tackle got up, but the aggressive Carimi clocked him again. And then again, even after the whistle blew, the 6-foot-7, 315-pounder gave the beaten tackle another shove.

"He's a little bit like a Jon Runyan," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said. "He's kind of got a little nasty to him." []

The Eagles haven't drafted an Offensive Lineman in the first two rounds since Winston Justice in 2006. Expect them to take Carimi if he's there.