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Does Cutler's Meltdown Make Him a Trade Candidate for McNabb?

Cutler's epic free-fall in Chicago simply will not die. Sure, he sprained (tore) his MCL, but many players have come out saying they've played through that same injury including Torry Holt and Drew Brees (this season). To make matters worse, The Chicago Tribune reported that Cutler was seen out dining directly after the playoff loss walking stairs:

Cutler, who left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury, was not on crutches but "he limped a tiny bit," according to a source. The couple was joined by 11 other people in Mastro's private upstairs dining room, and our spies tell us that he took the stairs rather than the elevator.     

He took the stairs? Classic. Media loves sh*t like this. Of course, it's a horrible message to send to fans and teammates and Cutler should have known better. Order in Chinese for a week after a loss.

With McNabb being from Chicago, would the Bears want to make that trade for McNabb? Not likely. Michael Lombardi commented today on McNabb's contract and his tradeability across the NFL, which I paraphrased: 

McNabb has $12.5 million option bonus in March, which is due when he makes the roster. No team will want that. Plus, the Eagles tried to ship McNabb all last off-season and had to settle for a divisional foe. McNabb will need to want to re-negotiate. Vikings could be interested.

In other words, the Redskins are f'd.