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Daily Slop: Senior Bowl Practice Recap; Haynesworth Jerseys On Sale in Lions Team Store

NFL Videos: Senior Bowl: Day 1 North QB impressions
Find out how Mike Mayock and Charles Davis grade the performances of Washington QB Jake Locker, Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, and Iowa QB Stanzi on Day 1 of Senior Bowl practice.

Dolphins taking a close look at quarterback Jake Locker
(It's not hard to fathom Locker sky-rocketing up the draft board. With cheaper salaries for rookies, I'd imagine teams would be a lot more likely to trade up. Dolphins pick #15).

NFL Videos: Senior Bowl: QB Comparison
NFL Network On Kapernick: "He's the most versatile QB arguably in college history. Better athlete than Tebow. Huge arm. Awkward Motion. Raw. Sounds like Tebow." ON Stanzi: "Bengals showed interest. 25 passes to 6 INTs. A lot of development from previous year. INTs went down. TDs and Yards per completion went up."

NFL Videos: Senior Bowl: Andy Dalton interview
TCU QB Andy Dalton, who led his team to a 13-0 record this season, talks with Stacy Dales about it being tough on the first day to get used to WRs and how they run the routes.

On Watching Ex-Redskins In The Playoffs
Matt Terl turned an email chain debate we had into a post...I'll concede a loss on this one.

NFL Draft: 2011 Senior Bowl Day 1 Practice Report - Music City Miracles
Titans are doing serious homework on QBs. They of course pick #8 overall. It's almost with 100% certainty they're drafting a QB.

5 Senior Bowl prospects with much to prove - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Boston College LB Mark Herzlich, impressed at LB and would be a fit for a 3-4.

Previewing the 2011 foes: The NFC West
In 2011, the Redskins will face the four teams in one of the weakest divisions in NFL history, the NFC West. But that won't necessarily be the soft part of their schedule.

Is It Better Or Worse That The "Jew" York Jets Typo Happened In Kentucky?
Oh man this is hilarious. Almost as funny as when Comcast accidentally switched to porn during a live broadcast of a Cardinals game in AZ.

Why Are Albert Haynesworth And Gerald McCoy Jerseys For Sale In Lions' Online Store? - Pride Of Detroit
The Detroit Lions' official online store has a couple of interesting jerseys for sale right now. (They've since been taken down).

Chicago man wears Packers tie to work, is promptly fired - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Super Bowl XLV: Maker of Pittsburgh Steelers' Terrible Towel is Green Bay Packers fan - ESPN