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Redskins Scouts Give Jake Locker the Justin Bieber Treatment

An unnamed Redskins' scout at Monday's 2011 Senior Bowl practice.
An unnamed Redskins' scout at Monday's 2011 Senior Bowl practice.

Jake Locker: QB, 6'2", 228 lbs, Univ. of Washington

We've already exhausted a lot of energy on the Redskins 1st pick, Cam Newton, and drafting linemen. Well, push Jake Locker up to the top of the list. Here's what Scott Wright, of NFL Draft Countdown, wrote in his Senior Bowl writeup on Monday:

Perhaps most notable is that right after practice a Washington Redskins scout made a beeline for Washington QB Jake Locker to set up a meeting. Don't forget, rumor has it the Skins were extremely interested in Locker at #4 overall last year before he opted to stay in school and they turned their attention to Donovan McNabb.

As for his actual play today, Locker was on and off and generally did not impress:

However, the general inaccuracy that plagued Locker throughout his Washington career was also on display. Locker threw high and wide often and was intercepted over the middle by Rutgers safety Joe Lefeged when he misread the coverage. Senior Bowl rules dictate that defenses can only run Cover One and Cover Three schemes, meaning either a single safety or three-deep looks are allowed.

VA Tech CB, Carmichael Rashad, had an impressive day as noted by several journalists on Twitter that were in attendance, including an INT on Locker in 7-7 drills. Almost everyone I've read so far has been really impressed by Locker and the way he carries himself, including Matt Bowen. Todd McShay put Locker to the Redskins in mock drafts this past December citing Shanahan's love of drafting QBs with potential. Stay tuned.

Stats Overview Locker's Passing
2007 155 328 2062 47.3 6.29 98 14 15 17 105.01
2008 50 93 512 53.8 5.51 48 1 0 10 103.55
2009 230 395 2800 58.2 7.09 51 21 11 28 129.75
2010 184 332 2265 55.4 6.82 80 17 9 19 124.20