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Report: Haynesworth wants to Play in Philly for Less Money

Via NBC Sports:

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora reports that Albert Haynesworth is willing to take less money to play for new Eagles DL coach Jim Washburn again.

Haynesworth had his best seasons under Washburn in Tennessee, and the Eagles are expected to make finding a playmaking defensive lineman an offseason priority. A healthy, motivated Haynesworth would make RE Trent Cole that much more dangerous. This all assumes that Haynesworth is released rather than traded. The Skins will try to get something for him first.

SHOCKER!!! A highly-paid Redskins free agent wants to play better and elsewhere for less money. I cannot see any circumstance where we let Haynesworth go to Philly. None (barring a high pick). File Haynesworth in the "free-agent bust while in their prime" category along with Jason Taylor, Brandon Lloyd, and who else??

After everything Haynesworth put the Redskins though, I see NO WAY we grant him any wishes. He's under contract for cheap, it's going to remain that before we ship him to a foe.