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Redskins Show Interest in QB Jerrod Johnson at East West Shrine Game Practices

Alfie Crow, the lead editor for SB Nation's Jaguars website, Big Cat Country, has been attending all the practices for the East West Shrine game in Orlando, FL, this week. Crow sent an email to all the SBN bloggers listing all the teams and their interests, and I noticed the Redskins were not paired with any names. No joke. This is how the email chain went.

Me: I know the Redskins are there. Are we in stealth mode??

Crow: Saw the Skins talking to Jerrod Johnson, QB from TAMU... who's been awful. Most of the Skins scouts were old guys hobbling around. Kid you not.

Steelers blogger: haha, thats funny. I believe it. There's a reason the skins are miserable and it probably has a lot to do with scouting.

I mean. Come on, Redskins. Anyway, let's talk about Johnson. He's 6'5" - 245 lbs and was a Heisman hopeful after his red-hot 2009 season where he led:

  • Texas A&M to the Big 12 #1 offense
  • Texas A&M 3rd in total offense in the Nation
  • Johnson's 3579 passing yards was 8th best in the Nation
  • Set Big 12 record throwing 242 passes without an INT (60% completion percentage)

Johnson, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder in the off-season, began the season as a Heisman Trophy candidate.But he struggled at times with his accuracy and seemed to have less zip on his passes than in previous seasons.

He threw nine interceptions in a three-week stretch that led to his demotion. Johnson conceded Monday that coming back from the surgery was "a little bit" harder than he anticipated but he did not regret the decision to have it.

Johnson's three losses this season were to big names schools: Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma State. The teams he beat were small name schools. After his benching, the Aggies, led by QB Ryan Tannehill, went on to win out beating Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Baylor. I haven't watched a lot of Johnson, but his highlight reel, which is by no means a way to judge a QB, shows a lot of bootlegs, play-action and throws on the run. McNabb, Cutler, Plummer anyone?

Jerrod Johnson is currently slated to be drafted in rounds 5-7.

East West Shrine game is this Saturday at 4pm at the Citrus Bowl (NFL Network).

Oh, and if that mention of our scouting team didn't discourage you, then how about this tweet from Rich Tandler:

The last player that the #Redskins drafted after the third round to make a Pro Bowl was Stephen Davis (4th round, 1996).

NINETEEN F*CKIN NINETY SIX??? (I just repeated that in my Principal Ed Rooney "Nine Times?" voice)