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Daily Slop: Jammal Brown Wants to Come Back; 10 Must Know Things About CBA

D.C. Sports Bog - Anthony Armstrong wants Donovan McNabb back
"Bring my man 5 back...if you go through the quarterback situation again, it's gonna make it very shaky for the next season," Armstrong said. "It's gonna be extremely shaky. I hate to say it, [but] you kind of feel like you're gonna go through the same stuff that you went through this year."

League rule on re-doing contracts likely wouldn’t prevent McNabb trade - Redskins Journal
The minute contract details on trading McNabb...good read.

Ten things to know right now about the labor situation | ProFootballTalk
Great read. Big note, there will be no free agency period UNTIL a CBA deal is done. So conceivably, all free agents may be stuck with their teams another year.

Final Redskins' playing time totals
The Redskins have finished the season 6-10 and here is how much each skilled player on offense and every player on defense played this year. Carriker was the only defensive lineman to play in every game.

HomerMcFanboy " jammal brown has unfinished business
"I want to be back here in Washington," he said. "It’s a good place and Coach Shanahan is a proven coach. I like playing for him. We’ve got to get a few things ironed out at other positions, but I hope I’m able to stay here."

To the LaVar haters......let me tell you a brief story.
Fan's story of LaVar coming through on an autograph.

Brett Favre's sister arrested in a Mississippi meth lab - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
She is not a cute girl.