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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. We all saw it and we all reacted immediately-Nnamdi Asomugha is set to enter free agency and the Oakland Raiders (his former employer) will only be able to be participants in the bidding process. He is likely to be the top defensive player available in free agency. Check. He is likely to attract pretty huge offer sheets from multiple teams. Check. He will be 30 years old by the kickoff of the 2011 season. Check. Sounds like a Redskin to me, right? Let's state the obvious: Asomugha would be the best cornerback on the Washington Redskins roster. He has developed into a topnotch man-to-man cover corner and various stat tracking services all agree that opposing teams try to avoid his side of the field. All that said, I wonder if Nnamdi would be better utilized as a safety alongside LaRon Landry in 2011. With DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and a slew of talented tight ends in our division, I know how I would feel about having a speedy guy who is capable of covering anyone playing center field for the Redskins: extremely comfortable. Opposing offenses would find it far more difficult to avoid him and wouldn't this also kind of unleash LaRon to play closer to the line of scrimmage more often? Asomugha came into the league as a safety before converting to corner and developing into a great cover guy. Perhaps he just isn't cut out to play safety. Also, asking premier defensive players to change positions for us has been...problematic. I think this guy would be a slam dunk to add to our roster. I would find it hard to believe he won't be at least moderately targeted by our front office. It could come down to whether or not Nnamdi has interest in us. For all of you out there who remain worried that our treatment of Haynesworth and McNabb will impede our ability to land big names, I think we will find out soon enough if any permanent damage has been done.

2. I love watching Philly lose. Yet, I still love watching Vick play. Watching them compete in the playoffs-at home in Philly-made me think back to the preseason. Weren't we supposed to be at least as far if not farther along than this young Eagles team? I mean, it isn't even close right now. Not only do they have Vick (who, to be fair, was a backup this preseason) they have talented youngsters shooting out of their ears. Even with Kolb at quarterback, I think you have to agree that Philly is set for a long time. At least we have two picks in the first two rounds...jeeeeeez.

3. My first preseason prediction for the 2011 NFC East:

1) Philly
2) Washington
3) Dallas
4) New York

I don't believe in Tom Coughlin and I remain unconvinced that Jason Garrett can sustain the high emotional level that his team played at to close out the 2010 season. In fact, if you think I am suggesting that the Redskins will make the playoffs based on this projection you would be wrong. A quick look around the NFC and it is apparent that the NFC East could go back-to-back years without a Wild Card.

4. I know there is talk about Dan Snyder being upset with the way McNabb was treated this season and that reuniting Jon Gruden with Bruce Allen was a possibility. I simply do not buy it. What I do think is that it is smart for Dan Snyder to be out there expressing regret for the treatment of a guy who is as respected as Donovan is in the NFL. As we noted above, a couple huge decisions loom this offseason for some big name free agents that could hinge on this issue. Remorse on the part of Snyder could be a clever way of getting out in front of this one.

5. Green Bay's defense looked pretty impressive to me...if we can staff up a little this offseason, is it possible that our 3-4 package could look that good in Year 2?

6. For many of you, it is hard to watch NFL football after the Redskins are finished with their season. Then again, we have participated so infrequently in the postseason that perhaps it has gotten easier over the years to enjoy the playoffs. Personally, I would watch the Arena League preseason if they televised it so NFL playoffs are must-see TV in my house regardless of who plays. This weekend did not disappoint. Early predictions for the Divisional Round: Steelers over Ravens, Jets over Patriots, Green Bay over Atlanta and Chicago over Seattle.