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2011 Mock Draft and Team Needs

With the first of the year comes my first Mock Draft(Tiller Mock 1.0)


A few things to keep in mind:

-This takes into account underclassmen who could or couldn't declare

-This is based upon the current standings, which will most likely change

-This is, of course, pre senior bowl, pre shrine bowl, pre combine and pre FA


Have a fun and safe new year!!

Panthers(DE, DT, WR) - Da'Quan Bowers  DE  Clemson - The Panthers, who drafted both Clausen and Pike last year, opt to go with the most physically gifted pass rusher in the draft.  God knows they need a guy like Bowers after loosing Julius Peppers in FA last season.  A trade down scenerio here is also quite possible. 


Broncos(3-4 DE, DT, CB, TE) - Patrick Peterson  CB  LSU -  Champ Bailey is getting old, and could leave via FA.  Peterson is the best CB in this draft.  A no-brainer for the Broncos.


Bengals(DE, WR, OL,) - A.J. Green  WR  Georgia - With a guy like Andrew Luck on the board, this would be an ideal place for the Bengals to trade down.  If they can not find a partner, and they believe they still have something in Carson Palmer, the Bengals take the draft's best WR in Green. 


Bills(QB, OT, OLB) - Andrew Luck  QB  Stanford - The Bills would love to have Luck, but it will take some luck on their part to secure his services.  It could be very likely that another team like the Vikings, Cards or 49ers try to move into the #1 or #2 slots to grab him. 


Cardinals(QB, LT, OLB, DE) -  Cam Newton  QB  Auburn  -  The Cards missed out on getting Luck, and they already had a statue of a QB in Matt Leinhart, so they opt for the physically gifted Heisman winner.


49ers(QB, DE, DT, CB, OLB) - Prince Amukamara  CB  Nebraska - A QB would be the logical choice here give the failure of Alex Smith, but that could scare the 49ers away from drafting another 1st round QB.  They go the safe route with Amukamara, and get a QB in FA............or they could stick with Alex Smith


Cowboys(OT, LB, DE, S) -  Marcel Dareus  DT  Alabama - An offensive tackle is desperately needed, but it is a huge risk at this spot.  The Cowboys get great value, and a great player with this pick. 


Texans(CB, S DL) - Nick Fairley  DT Auburn  -  With the top two CB's gone, the Texans turn to their next greatest need which falls on the D-Line.  This is about the right spot for Fairley to go in this draft.


Lions(DE, LB, CB, OL) - Robert Quinn  DE  UNC - Much like the Texans, the Lions could also use a CB, but with the top 2 already selected, they look for more help along the defensive front.  Quinn is a tremendous athelete who will be an impact player from day 1.  Teamed with Suh along the front 4, this unit has some promise for the future.


Browns(WR, DL, LB, OG) - Julio Jones WR  Alabama - The browns could go in a number of different directions with this pick, including trading down.  I have them taking Jones, who had a breakout season at Alabama, to add another weapon for Colt McCoy


Seahawks(OG, SS, DT, DE) - Adrian Clayborn  DE  Iowa - This may be a bit of a stretch for Seattle, but Clayborn is more of a natural DE in the 4-3 than some of his draft-mates. 


Titans(QB, DE, DT, LB) - Ryan Mallett  QB  Arkansas - The Vince Young experiment seems to be over in Tennessee.  Fisher keeps his job, and Young is sent packing.  Mallett takes over the helm as the next franchise QB. 


Redskins(QB, WR, OL, CB) - Blaine Gabbert  QB  Missouri - The McNabb experiment in Washington was a disaster.  Now it's time to cut your losses and move on.  Gabbert is the early pick, but if the Redskins like Locker's potential, I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade back and attempt to get him in the back half of the 1st round.


Vikings(QB, DL, CB, S) - Drake Nevis  DT  LSU - The Vikings would have loved to have one of the top 4 QB's fall to them, but in this mock, it didn't work out that way.  Locker is too much of a reach here, so they go with youth on the DL. 


Patriots(from Raiders)(WR, OL, OLB, RB) - Ryan Kerrigan  OLB  Perdue - BB could be tempted to go for a sexy pick like Blackmon or Ingram, but the value of Kerrigan in this spot in the draft is too good to pass up.  Kerrigan is a blue collar OLB in the 3-4, and is a perfect fit for this team. 


Dolphins(RB, OG, S) - Mark Ingram  RB  Alabama - The Fins would love to get their hands on a guy like Ingram, who has all the tools to be a great NFL back.  Brown is an injury risk, and Williams won't be around much longer.


Jaguars(DE, LB, S, QB, WR) - Justin Blackmon  WR Oklahoma St - The Jags have some other needs on this team, but fall in love with Blackmon's playmaking ability.


Chargers(OLB, DE) - Akeem Ayers  OLB  UCLA - Ayers fills the void left by often injured and departed OLB Shawn Merriman.


Giants(OT, DT) - Nate Solder  OT  Colorado - Solder could play either left or right tackle, and could add some much needed youth to the Giants line. 


Buccaneers(DE, LB, S, OL) - Von Miller  LB  Texas A&M - Miller is a versatile LB who could excell either as a OLB in the 3-4 or in this case, an OLB in the 4-3. 


Rams(OG, WR, DT, LB) - Mike Pouncey  G  Florida - The Rams interior linemen are poor.  They need to protect the investment they have in Sam Bradford.  Pouncy offers them a lot of versatility along the front 5. 


Colts(OL, DT, CB) - Anthony Costanzo  OT  BC - The colts showed just how average they can be with a banged up O-Line.  They bring in Costanzo to shore up one of the T spots.


Packers(OL, CB, DE) - Derek Sherrod  OT  Miss St - The Packers have an aging OL, and Sherrod give them versality at both OT and G. 


Chiefs(LB, TE, DT, C) - Stephen Paea  DT  Oregon St - The chiefs need help along the D-line, and Paea can play the 1, 3 or 5 technique.


Eagles(OLB, CB, DT) - Janoris Jenkins  CB  Florida - The Eagles do not have a ton of holes to fill on their roster which is why they can take BPA, and that player is the talented Florida CB Jenkins. 


Jets(DE, OLB, S) - Cameron Jordan  DE  CAL - Adrian Clayborn would have been a perfect fit here, but since he is off the board, the Jets go with a similar player in Jordan.


Saints(DE, DT, LB, S) - Rahim Moore  S  UCLA - The Saints need help with their pass rush, but Moore, who is mooving up the draft boards, is too tempting to pass on.  He will be Sharpers eventual replacement.


Bears(OL, WR, OLB) - Gabe Carimi  OT  Wisc.  -  The Bears are terrible on the O-Line, and Carimi should be able to come in and start from day 1. 


Ravens(CB, S, RT) - Brandon Harris  CB  Miami - Harris will need to sharpen his game a little at the next level, but what better way to do so than with a team who takes a lot of pressure off their CB's by providing a great interior pass rush. 


Steelers(OT, CB, DE) - Allen Bailey  DE  Miami - The Steelers will be tempted to take an OT here, so if one of the top ones falls, they could go in that direction.  As it stands now, I have them taking the massive DE Bailey from Miami, who should be able to transition nicely to DE in their 3-4. 


Falcons(TE, DE, CB) - Cameron Heyward  DE  Ohio St - The Falcons could use some youth and explosion along the defensive front.  Heyward, although somewhat raw, has rare atheleticism for his size.


Patriots - Jonathan Baldwin  WR  Pitt - The Pats add another big WR to the mix, after they traded away Randy Moss last year.  Baldwin, Gronkowski, and Hernandez will give D-Coordinators nightmares with the mismatches they will cause.