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Wow...we made it. Tonight, there will be an actual, meaningful NFL game (to bet on). I'll pick some games for entertainment value only, and you can follow along at home.

Saints -5 tonight against the Vikings

I have seen this line as high as -8...that seems a little ridiculous. At home for the NFL kickoff, the Saints are going to be very ready to play. The Vikings have not blown anyone's skirt up this preseason. Yet, I am taking the underdog Vikings to cover. I actually think they will win this one. They should have won that NFC Championship game last season, and even though that late INT from Favre nailed their coffin, the loss was not Favre's fault. Everyone seemed to get involved in that turnoverfest. If the Vikings protect the ball better tonight than they did last winter, they will take this game.

Patriots -4 against the Bengals

I am loading up on the Bengals. I am not picking easy games here...both tonight's game as well as this game features teams that by all accounts have chances to make some noise in the postseason. I like Cincy's defense and I think they are going to put up points in a hurry on offense. People will talk up Cedric Benson, but by the end of the season, look for Bernard Scott to be fueling big plays on the ground. Marvin Lewis is a great coach. This is the Bengals year. Whether they make it all the way to the big dance will depend mightily on injuries of course, but they have a hell of a chance.

Chiefs +4.5 against the Chargers

The San Diego Chargers are my suicide/knockout pick of the week. They will win and cover this spread. It hurts to ride Norv Turner like this so early in the season, but better now than the playoffs!

Quick hitters:

Packers -3 against Eagles-----Packers

Dolphins -3 against Bills-----Bills

Cardinals -4 against Rams----Rams