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Dallas WRs Struggle with Tony Romo's Balls in DC; QB Rating Dips at Fedex Field

It just hit me that the Cowboys have never particularly played well at Fedex Field in recent years. Sure, getting shut out last year at home by the Cowboys was the money shot of the worst adult film of all time, but it really should have been more lopsided (considering the Redskins had mentally checked out by then). Either way, when we look at Romo's career stats and compare them to his numbers at Fedex...there is a LARGE drop-off in productivity. Here's a look at Romo's career QB Ratings the last four years:

2009 - QB Rating - 97.6
2008 - QB Rating - 91.4
2007 - QB Rating - 97.4
2006 - QB Rating - 95.1

Now, let's look at his stats at Fedex Field those four years:


The 2007 game certainly stands out with that 34.9 QB Rating. Romo was pulled with 6.5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, and the Redskins marched into the playoffs with heavy hearts from the loss of Sean Taylor. In 2008, Romo was just coming back from a boo-boo broken pinky finger, but it had been a month (remember when Favre called him out that he should be playing through it?)

What else stands out?

At Fedex Field, his INT to TD ratio is 1-1 (4 of each). Last year his season ratio was 26-9...almost 3 to 1! Why is that a big deal? The Redskins have been ABYSMAL at getting interceptions, yet they got 3 off Romo the last two years at home. In addition, the Cowboys offense has never particularly played well against 3-4 defenses. The Packers smashed them last year, and the Redskins have now focused on turnovers.

What's that noise? It's the sound of a Kool-Aid pitcher running through the Cowboys 31-year old OLine. Come and get it.