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Snide Debate: What Redskin Is Going to Cover Jason Witten?

Washington Examiner columnist Rick Snider's first Redskins story was in 1983 and his work can be found at the and

Who is going to cover Jason Witten?

Rick: Why Brian Orakpo, of course. No, wait, Reed Doughty. No wait, London Fletcher. No wait, Andre Carter.

Kevin: Exactly...and this question bodes for Kevin Boss and Brent Celek as well. LaRon Landry is not a good option either for coverage. They might need to bring in another corner to take this on, but other than that...I got nothing. Orakpo will be on the other side so he's out of the question and he's rushing every play anyway (as he should). Doughty or a corner is my guess.

Rick: I could see Rogers and a lot of nickel coverage. None of the Redskins linebackers can cover Witten. The Cowboys will surely go to him a bit.

Kevin: Yea, I guess there's no need wasting a solid corner like Rogers on Roy Williams. So, if the Redskins want to trade Haynesworth, he's going need to be on film so other teams can evaluate him. How many snaps you foresee him playing? And would you trade Haynesworth for Roy Williams?

Rick: You can't trade Haynesworth to Dallas even if Philadelphia sent Donovan McNabb here. Thou shall not trade major players in the division. But, I would trade Haynesworth for a starting receiver. I'd trade him for a third rounder at worst. I think he plays 10-15 snaps. Meanwhile, let's switch the Witten question around and ask what will the Cowboys do to cover Cooley-Davis combinations?

Kevin: That's probably the easiest question I've gotten all year. The Cowboys OLBs are all great in coverage - even their backups. The tight end on the left side will get DeMarcus Ware and the tightend lined up next to Jammal Brown will get Anthony Spencer. And even though Keith Brooking is 37, the dominance Ratliff does upfront gives Brooking the space he needs to use his above average coverage skills as well. There's a reason the Cowboys were 1st in all defenses last year giving up only 15.6 points per game.

Rick: The Redskins have to win this matchup or they won't win the game. Probably true of most games, though. Cooley will be the leading receiver this year, but Cooley-Davis combo should catch 100 balls or about 7 per game.

Kevin: I couldn't agree cannot keep a guy like Fred Davis on the bench (even if we had a legit #2 WR...but all the reason more to).

RickBut especially given they have no No. 2 receiver. And, I think because of the double tight end threat they didn't worry about finding a second receiver as much as they normally would. Really, not to have anyone better than an aging Joey Galloway is disgraceful. It was a prime off season goal and they whiffed on it.