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Daily Slop: McNabb Has Retired the Air Guitar; Anthony Armstrong's Relatives Want Him to Lose

McNabb retiring the air guitar? | Eagletarian | 
"I may have retired the guitar," McNabb said. "I may bring the drums out, bring the cymbals. It’s funny, anything I do I guess is a big story, huh? (Here's a replay of it...)

Beauties on the Beach Part 4
In part four of Beauties on the Beach we continue our look at the making of the Redskins cheerleaders calendar.

Loudoun County Takes Redskins Week Very Seriously Indeed
Some great pictures of councilmen holding speeches in Redskins jerseys.

Anthony Armstrong's Relatives Want Him To Lose
"I got everybody rooting against me," Armstrong said today. "They want me to play well -- they're giving me good statlines; they're like, catch for a hundred-and-somethin' yards, two touchdowns -- but we still need to lose."

Onion Sports 2010 NFL Team-By-Team Guide | The Onion 
Hysterical read...

Dez Bryant 100 percent healthy, ready to play again - ESPN Dallas
Expects to see good amount of action...possibly at KR/PR as well.

Rick Gosselin: Pencil in Dez Bryant as the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year
After doing a lot of research on Cowboys blogs this week, I can not over-estimate how high Cowboys fans are on Dez. He has yet to play, but some fans are predicting multiple TDs versus the Redskins. They're so desperate to get rid of Roy Williams, they're willing it.

NFL season ticket sales down for 3rd straight year - ESPN
The NFL's season ticket sales have declined for the third year in a row as teams struggle to get fans to the stadium in a weak economy.

Tom Brady reportedly 'shaken' after car accident - ESPN Boston
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was involved in a car accident this morning, sports radio WEEI in Boston reported.