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Daily Slop: Orakpo-'Haynesworth Talk is Very Distracting'; Jeff Fisher Says Titans Are All Ears

Fisher won't confirm talks, concedes team would entertain Haynesworth offer | Nashville City Paper
"If they’re willing to look into the possibility of dealing him, of course we'll listen to them," Fisher said.

D.C. Sports Bog - Redskins tackle FedEx Field customer service
Redskins make all 800 game-day staffers re-apply for their jobs.

Brian Orakpo: Haynesworth situation 'very distracting' - Yahoo! Sports
"It's very distracting, but we try not to let it get to us," Brian Orakpo

Twitter / Cindy Boren
Chris Mortensen on "Mike and Mike": "I got a hint last night that other teams have been called" by #Redskins re: a Haynesworth trade.

Redskins Insider - Statistical analysis: What if Donovan McNabb had been a Redskin in 2009?
Statistically, last season was McNabb's third best of his career...applying these numbers to the Redskins' 2009 performance would make them an eight-win team. (Great in theory, but now with that OLine).

Full video of Snyder/Jerry Jones interview with Lindsay Czarniak...

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