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Hogs Haven Fantasy Debate

We're days away from the start of the season. Most NFL teams have finalized their depth charts. Countless fantasy owners are kicking themselves for drafting guys like Matt Leinart too high, or the Jets Defense too low--based on late-breaking developments (in leagues where defenses matter).

Today's question: Which fantasy player has changed in value the most over the last two weeks? It can be the most negative change or the most positive change.

I will make my argument for the Jets Defense. That is how good I think Darelle Revis is and how much of an impact he makes on his team. I play in leagues where Defensive units can make or break you any given week. They are not throwaway fantasy players. In fact, top defenses regularly go for the same auction amount as a middle-tier quarterback or running back.

Revis takes away the best receiver the other team has to offer. These are not just empty words uttered by so many talking heads on ESPN. Last season, the opponent's top receiver averaged roughly 29 yards against Revis and the Jets. That is insane. It was by far the best in the league and far better than the league average. With Antonio Cromartie on one side and Revis Island on the other, this secondary is as rock solid as you could ask for...allowing their front seven to absolutely wreak havoc on the quarterback.