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TJ Houshmandzadeh Nears Open Waters

Many reports show that the Seahawks are set to release wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh and his 7 million dollar salary. The preseason emmergence of former USC star Mike Williams, combined with Deoin Branch and Golden Tate made Housh expendable.

So where will TJ land? The Redskins are in need of a play making threat at wide receiver, and at 32, Houshmandzadeh is still young compared to a certain unnamed receiver on our roster. It makes sense that the Redskins would be in play for his services, give the innexperience we have behind Moss and Galloway. TJ would fit in nicely opposite Moss, and could provide a nice target for McNabb on the intermediate routes.

How would you feel about the Redskins bringing in TJ? This may be just the type of move that Mike Shanahan was waiting for.