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Daily Slop: Carlos Rogers Partially Explains Our Defensive Game Plan

Redskins Insider - Redskins would rather face Kolb than Vick, Rogers says
Vick spied by a safety? "No doubt. No doubt," Rogers said. "That's kind of an even match. You put a lineman or a linebacker on him, they have no chance.

Redskins Insider - Trent Williams practices, DeAngelo Hall doesn't
Cornerback DeAngelo Hall didn't practice Wednesday, Shanahan said. Hall, who worked out Monday and Tuesday and did not seek treatment, apparently suffered a minor back injury just before practice Wednesday - Corners to pressure Eagles WRs
They both don't want no physical contact," Rogers said, "so that's one of the key things we're gonna have to do. DeSean gives you so many things. He kind of freelances. Maclin is a straight route-runner. He'll run the route.

Redskins Insider - Redskins looking at receiver help
Redskins held tryouts for Keenan Burton and former Baltimore WR Demetrius Williams.

Roxi McNabb, Redskins wives square off vs. Philly - Redskins Journal
Roxi McNabb is one of about a dozen Redskins wives/girlfriends that will play against a team of Eagles wives in a charity basketball game on Saturday afternoon.

Redskins Insider - Brandon Banks plays roles of Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson
Banks is doing double duty, playing the roles of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and wide receiver DeSean Jackson to help the first-team defense prepare for the dynamic players.

Chris Cooley's Busted Lip In Terrifying HD

Washington Redskins Trying To Silence Beat Reporters On Social Media | Techdirt