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Washington Redskins Camp Journal with Robert Henson

If you stayed up late to watch the game last night, you were treated to a pretty awesome performance from our very own Robert Henson. He was all over the field, involved in what seemed to be every play. When Hendog (as he is known) suffered what appeared to be a knee injury in the 2nd half, I am sure many of us all held our collective breath. Imagine my surprise when I got a text from Robert very, very late in the evening (very, very early in the morning) telling me he wanted to give us all an update. He sounded in good spirits and he said he was OK. I imagine he'll be checking in, so feel free to send him your questions, comments, and encouragement.


Today is Friday, September 3rd and we just finished our last preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals. I got the start at linebacker tonight and I just wanted to make as many plays as possible. I have not seen the final stats and honestly I do not care-I just wanted to play my heart out tonight and show this new regime that I can help this 2010 Washington Redskins team win. This game was exciting and fast paced, and the adrenaline rush caused me to do some bone head things early in the contest. Once I got locked in and settled down I felt like I played better.

The Cardinals are a good team and tonight they flashed their talent, but really I felt like we beat ourselves. We didn't tackle very well and did not execute when the pressure was on. My fellow Horned Frog was on the opposite sideline and was challenging me to make plays. Daryl Washington was the Cardinals 2nd round pick from April's draft and is now starting for them. He was very impressive when he was in the game. I remember when he came in to TCU I kind of took him under my wing and helped him learn the defense. He is as athletic as they come and deserves the starting job.

So now comes the toughest part of camp for any player or coach-who stays and who goes. This decision will impact the lives of every man on this team. To cut from 75 to 53 has to be a challenge, and I understand that so my goal was to make it as hard/easy of a decision as possible. I have to switch subjects for a second and speak my mind about being injured in the 3rd quarter. I do not really know what happened...I just felt a sharp pain, and the training staff decided to pull me just to be safe. I honestly felt like I let my teammates down by not being out there, and I broke down emotionally. This is my job and I want to be the best at it, and I cannot do that from the sidelines. I played beside so many great players tonight and no matter what happens we will be brothers for life!! HTTR!!

I want to give a special thank you to Ken and Kevin and everybody from Hogs Haven for the opportunity to do these journal entries. I also want to say thank you to the fans who continue to read and respond as well as continue to cheer for me despite my bone head Twitter comment last year. You all are truly the best fans in football and I would love to be a 'Skin for life. Have a blessed day!!