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Washington Redskins Week 3 Game Ball - Phillip Daniels

Week in and week out, Redskins fans can count on #93.
Week in and week out, Redskins fans can count on #93.

Every week we'll giving out a game ball to the Redskins player who most impressed us on the previous Sunday. He may not have been the flat out best player on the field, but the guy still made a big impact and embodies what Joe Gibbs iterated a "true Redskin."

Of all weeks to kick off this Sprint post....the frickin Rams game. It was hard to give out a game ball when all three units played so poorly collectively. Players looked gassed by the end and the mistakes were plentiful, but there's one Redskin who continually shows up....Phillip Daniels. His biggest play of the game was the leap over the center to block the Rams field goal just before half-time. It was a huge play, and it should have sparked this team going into the second half. He had 3 tackles to boot as well.

Phillip, who is 37 years old and coming off the ACL injury from 2 years ago, continues to play at a high level. He does everything that is asked of him, including playing Nose Tackle, and is easily one of the team leaders on this team. 

Game Ball: Phillip Daniels (@P_Daniels93)