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Want a free, Redskins Orakpo Jersey? Contest started...

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The Portis Leap, courtesy of Brian Murphy and his awesome <a href="" target="new">ExtremeSkins photo gallery</a>.
The Portis Leap, courtesy of Brian Murphy and his awesome ExtremeSkins photo gallery.

Certainly Clinton Portis falling down is the topic of hot debate this week as the picture highlights. Shanahan lied briefed us saying it was due to his hand injury. Whatever. Either way...we got a burgundy Orakpo jersey (XL)  to give away just like the one pictured, so let's have some fun with this. If you haven't seen the Sidney Crosby art contest, it's quite hilarious. So, we're doing one for this Portis picture (thanks to Brian Murphy for the picture).

I'll be accepting submissions (enter as many times as you want) until Thursday at 7AM, in which case I'll post the best ones and we'll have a poll to decide who wins the jersey (poll will close on Friday at 2pm).


For those of you that are computer illiterate or don't have worries. Simply follow the instructions after the jump  to easily make your own photo. The Portis picture is already cropped for you with the background missing.


1.) Go to this url:

2.) Upload the background image you want...

3.) Click File-Open and import this png or gif file of Portis (it's the transparent background of him falling).

4.) Just like in MS Word, "Copy" (Ctrl+C) the Portis image, then select the window your background image is in, and click "Paste" (Ctrl+V).

5.) Drag the Portis image to where it needs to be.

6.) Click "Save" which saves the image to your computer, and then email the image to with the subject "Orakpo Jersey Contest."

Here's one I did to get your creative juices flowing...