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Daily Slop: Cooley Embarrassed; Redskins Sticking with 3-4 (smh)

Washington Redskins sticking with 3-4 defense
Daniels: "I don't know. We got to play the defense that we're in, that's the bottom line . . . If you look at it in hindsight, yeah, we were a better 4-3 team...But now we're a 3-4 team, and we got to learn the system"

D.C. Sports Bog - Cooley: "I'm embarrassed"
"I'm embarrassed by what happened to us. And I shouldn't have to be, because if you look at what we should have done or could have done, we executed enough that we were in the red zone four times in the first half and could have come away with 28 points." - Cooley

Mike Shanahan's Press Conference 09.27.10
Shanahan said he is comfortable that they have the players to execute the 3-4, "making some strides". (It's clear Shanahan has no problem telling the media bold-faced lies)

Video: Redskins 'Shocked' At Defensive Struggles
Fletcher and Daniels speak. Daniels say players are trying to do much and not focusing on what their job is in the unit.

Les Bowen's Eagles-Jaguars Further Review: Vick has worked hard on mechanics | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/28/2010

Colts president Bill Polian says 18-game NFL season is done deal - ESPN

Here's A Video Of A Hot Chick Wearing Gator Colors And A 6'5" Guy Who Probably Won't Live Much Longer
This video isn't especially great, but this girl will rank in my 'hottest chick on the internet' for some time. (It was nice run Olivia Munn).