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Redskins Lunchbox--Episode 2

With all the new shows premiering on the networks lately, the season's hottest new product is being lost in the shuffle. Redskins Lunchbox might not have the advertising dollars a show like The Event does, but take one guess as to which of the two shows boasts the more ghetto fabulous drama and excitement?

I read where one critic suggested that if Full House and Gilmore Girls had a baby, you would get Redskins Lunchbox. Let that sink in for a second. Yeah.

Kevin and I are back at it for another week of raising our voices and calling each other out. Russ Thaler...poor Russ Thaler. The man had such a career in front of him. One day we will find out what he did to deserve this. Having Russ Thaler sit between Kevin and I on screen is like having Walter Cronkite sit between...well, Kevin and I.


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