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McNabb, Redskins, Kids Enter Guinness Book of Records for Largest Virtual Workout

This is a good 'Caption It' picture...
This is a good 'Caption It' picture...

Redskins "Play 60" at FedExField was an event made possible this past Tuesday by the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and GlaxoSmithKline that will brought together more than 1,000 kids from around Washington, D.C. to teach them that exercising and staying active is fun and good for their health.  McNabb, joined by teammates Rocky McIntosh, DeAngelo Hall, and Lorenzo Alexander, lead more than 1,000 kids through an interactive group fitness session to highlight the importance of daily exercise and healthy food choices and to establish the Guinness World Record for the "largest virtual exercise lesson."    

Great experience for the kids being on the field. More pictures and some video after the jump. One of the highlights for me was seeing DeAngelo Hall doing an interview with a TV crew, which prompted Redskins PR Tony Wyllie to come running over (this was the day after the "it's my defense" comments). Hall replied, "It's all good...I didn't say nothing bad," which drew some laughter from everyone.



In case you were wondering what the Redskins, Fedex Field PA Announcer looked like....


Here's video of DHall working out with the kids. Don't ever ask for a car ride from Ken...this is the type of music he blasts everywhere he goes.