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Daily Slop: McNabb, Portis, Cooley Say the Run Game is Not Far Behind

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D.C. Sports Bog - Cooley and Portis say run game is coming
I think a lot of people are concerned about what we did running the ball. We're gonna address it, clearly, we're gonna go to practice this week, it's gonna be an emphasis. But we're a team that can run the ball. I have no question in my mind that we can come out and run the ball."

Redskins Insider - Donovan McNabb says improved ground game coming
"The first game to the second, there were a lot of things that changed," McNabb said Tuesday, "from the communication aspect, the chemistry aspect, being able to recognize certain things and getting into a rhythm."

D.C. Sports Bog - Andre Johnson responds to DeAngelo Hall
"The scheme that they ran, if he wanted to play me man-to-man, he should have told his coaches before the game. That's not my problem. For them to be running zone coverages like that with the safety over the top, and for me to still have 12 catches for 158 yards, somebody wasn't doing their job."

Today's controversial cover of the Philly Daily News on Michael Vick

Time-Lapse Of The Dallas Game At FedExField

Reid calls audible: Vick is starter | Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/22/2010
In a stunning reversal Tuesday evening, Eagles coach Andy Reid named Michael Vick the team's starting quarterback - and the new face of the franchise - just a day after he had declared it was Kevin Kolb's job.

Mike Lombardi: Can’t deny tape on Vick

Alex Mack accuses Chiefs defender of grabbing his genitalia - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Stories like this always get Ken excited.

Helmet toss costs Jacobs $10,000 | | The Indianapolis Star